Genres Wk.11: Urban Fantasy and Historical Thriller

Hello Travellers,

Here is the 11th part of my genre series, with 2 briefs this week ^-^

What are Historical Thrillers?


Historical thrillers are a fusion of thriller and historical fiction. Stories are made to thrill the reader, by way of surprise, anxiety or fear, set in a researched backdrop that contains historical people, settings and / or events (though an historical setting is most often used). The time period for the historical tag is generally a story that takes place before 1960.

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What is Urban Fantasy?


Urban fantasy is a sub-genre of contemporary fantasy, where creatures/characters of the supernatural or magic live in contemporary times, frequently with suspense and action.

The setting is in a city or other urban area, sometimes the city is a character itself. Characters are usually just outside of the norm – the day to day lives of the ‘real world’ is seen on the surface, but through cracks and alleyways are the supernatural/magic found.

Stories are generally written in first person from one of the fantasy characters, able to take the reader from the daily norm to those alleys and back streets.

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