Genres Wk 4. Historical Fiction and Horror

What is Historical Fiction?

IMG_6969.JPG(S. Clarke, 2017. Joan of Arc statue in Noumea)

Historical fiction is fiction set in a period of history. Characters, places and events may be fictional, but must be written as if they were authentic. A lot of research has to go into the foundation work of this kind of novel.

Often major political and social events are depicted in the story in respect to the character’s involvement in them, as well as the everyday lives of people living on the chosen time period.


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What is Horror?


Horror fiction is writing that evokes fear, dread and dismay. It may contain fantastical and supernatural elements, but could be about the mostly normal and mundane. Fear of the unknown is one of the strongest fears we know, allowing horror authors to reach into the reader’s psyche.

The core of horror is its atmosphere that can draw emotional dread out of the reader as opposed to a character arc or type of plot line. Therefore, horror overlaps with many genres, depending on the story being written.


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