Genres Wk.1 – Speculative Fiction and Solarpunk

Hello Travellers,

Here are my first two genres in my Genre Map series. Enjoy ~

What is Speculative Fiction?


Speculative fiction is a broad definition used for essentially anything that isn’t possible in our world. It covers all of the fantasy genre, most sci-fi & horror and bits of other genres, used more as stories cross and blur the genre boarders.

To dig further, check out:

Goodreads has created a list of stories to fit under the speculative fiction tag:


What is Solarpunk?


Taking off after a tumbler post, [check it out here], solarpunk is a relatively new sub-genre sharing the realm of [speculative fiction] with steampunk and cyberpunk. It combines the organic inspiration and curvature of Art Nouveau (an art/architecture movement circulating in the late 19th, early 20th century) into a near future setting with an environmentally friendly backdrop spanning cities of houses and small businesses, where people are approachable and not divided by economic or political standards. Environmental and social problems are solvable, via renewable energy sources, thriving in cultural diversity and putting an end to hierarchies, definitive norms and unbalances of power, money and exploitation.

Solarpunk is a look into a sustainable world accepting of people and planet, put forth in vibrant colours and bold strokes of design all dripping with liberty. It is a future to step closer to, as opposed to a future we should be trying to avoid.

To dig further, check out:


Goodreads has created a list of stories to fit under the solarpunk tag:


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